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Concept Korea New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

Concept Korea New York Fashion Week S/S 2014-slide0

Concept Korea returned to Lincoln Center for it’s 10th year to present their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. The talent platform chooses the best of Korean design and gives them a chance to break into the US market. It’s is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, the Daegu Metropolitan City, the Korea Creative Contents Agency, and the Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry.

Behind Concept Korean is the industries powerhouse players, Fern Mallis, Avril Graham, Nicole Fischelis, Stephanie Solomon, Simon Collins and Phillip Bloch, who hand-pick each of the designers,

The talented designers that showed this season at Concept Korean:

Resurrection by Juyoung Lee is inspired by functional fashion and the transformative power of clothing. The brand is edgy, sexy and uses lace, zippers and translucent fabrics juxtaposed against masculine shapes to create a wearable, yet clever line. The VIP followers of the brand include Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and the Black Eyed Peas.

Resurrection’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is titled, “Casual and Masculine.” The line fuses structured, masculine silhouettes with the free spirit of rock & roll culture and high-end fashion. Using high-tech fabric, the collection incorporates functional styles with minimal tailoring creating a synergy of artistic yet wearable clothes.

Seunghee Lee is a Korean, London based designer. Seunghee moved to London at an early age and graduated from London College of Fashion with BA First Class Honor Degree in womenswear. Following her BA Graduate show, she completed her MA in womenswear from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. After successful MA graduation, she took charge of several collections for Samsung Fashion Department then worked as the creative director at a bespoke tailoring house. She collaborated with photographer Giles Bensimon for Elle Korea Magazine April 2009.

LEYII’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is titled, “Rhythmic Contrast.” Inspired by Alexander Calder, LEYII uses straight lines, flat surfaces and primary hues to create natural curves and rhythm in her collection. Achieving this “balanced contrast” is accomplished through mixing various materials and colors in disorienting ways, creating 3 dimensional silhouettes.

Beyond Closet
Beyond Closet, designed by Taeyong Ko is a menswear brand representing classic items reinterpreted for men in their twenties and thirties. The collection is a mix of practical, sophisticated and distinguished pieces.

Beyond Closet’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is entitled, “B.C. School Gang.” The collection will feature graphic tattoo artistry that is blended into classic Beyond Closet silhouettes.

The audience included Fern Mallis, Phillip Bloch, Miss Jay Alexander, Lily Lane, and Lenay Dunn.

Traditional Korean Wedding Clothing 

A traditional Korean wedding dress is bright and colorful.Although many cultures rely on the purity of white to carry brides throughout their wedding day, the Korean culture instead opts for color. During a traditional Korean wedding, both the bride and the groom wear elaborate costumes in bold, bright colors. Traditional Korean wedding dress is intricate, colorful and vibrant.



Bride’s Wonsam

  • Traditionally, a Korean bride wears a Wonsam and a Hanbok on her wedding day. As explained by, the Wonsam is “an elaborate topcoat with flowing sleeves.” The outside of the garment is made with red silk, while the inside is made with blue silk. The sleeves are often striped with vibrant colors. Beautiful embroidered flowers embellish the front and back of the Wonsam, symbolizing nobleness, wealth and longevity.

Bride’s Hanbok

    • This overcoat is worn over the hanbok, which consists of a skirt and a shirt. The shirt typically features a short length and long sleeves, while the skirt features a high waist and a hem that falls to the floor. The Korean bride might also tie a silk belt, the daedae, around her overcoat. This belt is traditionally made of red silk with gold embroidery.


  • For a traditional Korean wedding hairstyle, the bride’s hair is tightly pulled back and away from the face. The entire length of hair is gathered and tied at the nape of the neck. Other Korean wedding hairstyles involve more elaborate tiered styles, which involve gathering the hair into a large bun. A long hair pin featuring a dragon’s head decorated the hairstyle. Some Korean brides also choose to wear a crown or black cap embellished with jewels.


  • On her wedding day, the Korean bride wears minimal makeup. However, she will have three red circles painted on her face, one on each cheek and one on her forehead. According to, these small red circles are meant to “ward off evil spirits.” Korean brides wear white socks and silk shoes. These shoes, which resemble the shape of a boat, feature elaborately embroidered designs in rich colors.

Groom’s Dress

  • The Korean groom wears three main articles of clothing: the paji, cheogori and dalryeongp’o. His pants, the paji, feature wide, baggy legs. Two strips of cloth tie the pant legs around the ankles, ensuring the pants remain inside the boots. The groom’s shirt, the cheogori, has loose sleeves and typically falls to the waist or slightly below. The dalryeongp’o is the groom’s jacket, which he wears over the shirt and pants. The jacket is traditionally colored blue or maroon with an intricate embroidery of two cranes near the middle of the chest. A belt is worn over the jacket to keep it in place. The groom wears a simple pair of black cloth boots, known as Mokwha.

Beauty in Asian Culture

Asian beauty differs depending on the region.Asian beauty varies according to the region, but two things are constant: Asian women share a love of beauty and take pride in their looks. And just as the Western world has adapted to all types of looks and features, so has Asia.





  • As far south as India and as far north as China, the focus of beauty is surrounding the eyes. There are different eye shapes on the Asian subcontinent, ranging from slanted to almond-shaped, and they are typically accentuated by eyeliners and mascara. Eyebrows are often shaped naturally using a method called threading, which is popular in south Asia.


    • In Asian culture, the lighter your skin is the more beautiful you are considered. Consequently, many Asian women bleach their skin or use face cream to lighten and even out skin tone. In addition, there are many spa treatments used to give skin an even glow, including green tea steam facials, turmeric paste masks, mud masks and skin cleansers, and soaps that contain milk.


  • North Asian makeup is natural, with the only real color used being blush and lipstick. It is also usually dramatic around the eyes, where eyeliner and mascara, as well as a touch of natural shaded eye shadow, is used. In South Asia, makeup is normally dark colored, as the skin tones of natives there tend to be tan or dark. Lip color is normally nude, brown, burgundy or red, and eye shadow can be any color the woman is wearing that day. South Asians typically use more makeup than their northern counterparts, and they tend to use a mixture of traditional and modern Western styles.Hairstyle

    • Asians are trendy and tend to wear modern hairstyles. Women from the north may wear a bun, ponytail, long flowing locks, bob, messy curls, bed head style, mohawk, pixie cut and braids. South Asians prefer to keep their hair long and flowing, so it is normally layered long and kept neat and straight or wavy. Asians have very dark hair, but North Asians have straight hair, and many of the styles reflect this feature. South Asians have wavy or curly, coarse hair, and they often opt to straighten it. Many Asians also color their hair in hues ranging from black to platinum blonde.


    • North Asians tend to favor the latest fashion trends while reserving traditional dress for specific occasions, such as ceremonies or parties. South Asians usually wear salwar kumeez (long blouses and pants) with a matching scarf (dupatta), lengha (long skirt with a short blouse) or a sari (material wrapped around the body to resemble a dress). Although some women in South Asia wear fashions as well, it is frowned upon. Traditional South Asian wear has also become modernized, although the modern versions keep very close to traditional roots.

     Korean Dating Culture

    Korean man giving a flower to his date.Traditional dating culture in Korea usually left parents responsible for finding the best mate for their child. Arranged marriages were settled years, and sometimes even decades, before a child reached marriage age. Today, matchmaking trends are much different — placing the responsibility of finding a match with young singles.



    Parent Involvement

    • Traditional rules of Korean courtship left the parents responsible for matchmaking. Parents considered astrological signs, lineage, alliances between families and financial benefits when they paired their children with others. Though contemporary Korean dating norms have shifted away from parental matchmaking, parents still play a vital role at the end stages of courtship. In the Korean culture, young people are taught early to recognize their accountability to their parents — and the need for parent advice and guidance in important life decisions, including courtship and marriage.

    Mingling of the Sexes

      • In old Korea, the mingling with the opposite sex was frowned upon. As a result, many couples met for the very first time on their wedding day — sometimes at the marriage altar. Contemporary customs don’t frown upon relationships with the opposite sex, which allows couples to form more organically. For young Koreans, college often offers the first chance to date without parental interference or oversight. Because of this, university districts are common places to look for young singles.

    Marriage as an Option

    • In traditional Korean culture, women held one lifetime goal: to get married and have children. Contemporary Korean women have different options, and that is changing the way many look at marriage. As women began to fill middle management positions in the public and private sector, many more women choose careers over families. By 2005, 51 percent of South Koreans in their 20s and 30s were unmarried, which is 5 percentage points higher than just five years earlier.

    Contemporary Matchmaking

    • Though arranged marriages are largely a thing of the past, creative matchmaking attempts are not. Blind dates arranged by friends or relatives are a common part of contemporary Korean dating culture. Dating services are also very common, with 1,000 dating agencies open in South Korea alone. For young Koreans, it is common to partner with matchmaking sites and dating services in the quest to find true love — and equally as common for parents to be the ones signing them up for such services.

    Korean Fashion Short Coat Matching Styles

    Guide language: Entering October, fall gets more powerful, coolness approximation, dress crush aspects can’t relax, we have to think about the fashion, but additionally consider the insulation. Well, rapid jacket + bunt Bottoms mix certainly suit your needs!

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    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: black leather Asian fashion clothing jacket, fall must-have item, many women are just like this handsome costume, easy and elegant, feels very comfortable. Having a whitened shirt, under put on black high waist skirt, black platform boots, put on a awesome feeling.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: personality fashionable patterned casual jacket, worn on our bodies is stuffed with youthful taste, discloses an in-depth feeling of fashion. Tights light grey shirt, under put on whitened shorts, whitened athletic shoes, a really nice generous.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: baseball jacket, classic unbeaten, used comfortable searching. Blue and whitened color is fresh and natural, which go ahead and take whitened shirt, underneath the light grey cotton skirt, footwear, a sports dress, searching uncomfortable.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: whitened jacket is elegant torso extravagance. Tights Whitened Slim bottoming shirt, putting on pink skirt, combined rich in-heeled boots, discloses a female’s temperament.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: whitened dots blue jacket, Slim Short version type, is wild fashion. Aspects of classic unbeaten are extremely comfortable. Tights Slim bottoming shirt, putting on corduroy umbrella skirt, black ankle strap high heel shoes, elegant and generous. Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration

    Matching skill: lovely sky blue clouds pattern casual jacket, blue sky and clouds moved straight to clothing, feels very comfortable. Tights personality pattern T-shirt, putting on loose jeans shorts, casual neat.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: printing element jacket, very cute style, used vibrant and fresh. Which go ahead and take whitened T-shirt, putting on black high waist shorts, tall, thin body piercing.

    Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: chiffon shirt dignified and generous, chest fluoroscopy design sexy. A plaid skirt, fills the retro style, but simply to decorate the stylish line. Khaki sweater is warm and classy. Hat and high heel shoes would be to act as Emphasis. Jacket + Shorts Bottoms with demonstration Matching skill: vibrant red-colored sweater having a full-spirited and passionate, free unlock a couple of buttons, peeped lined vest, unintentionally showing a trace of sexy.

    Get Entitled To Best Online Degree Programs

    Earn a business based in technology, values, and innovative troubleshooting with a worldwide viewpoint. An Online MBA is designed for experts who want the highest rated encounter in a versatile and individual online structure.



    The online MBA system from various Universities provide you

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    • Personalized Attention: Small sessions of roughly 20 students
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    General admission Policies

    Bachelor’s Degree: All candidates must hold a bachelors level of an organization approved by one of the local accrediting organizations.  All candidates in their last year of undergrad research at the time of application should offer a record of all programs finished up to now. Final records must be presented to the Graduate Dean’s Office record the level obtained and the time frame the level was conferred.

    Prerequisites: All candidates must have finished the undergrad specifications for graduate student research in their suggested system. These specifications are specific on each program’s web page under the admission specifications.

    Non-Discrimination: Students are chosen completely on the reasons for individual benefit. The best universities do not differentiate against any students or candidates looking for admission on the reasons for their competition, color, nationwide or cultural source, religious beliefs, or sex.

    Glance at Academics

    The Universities have academic strategies, that indulge with both mind and heart. It isnt about your perceptive growth only—it’s about your growth as a whole person.

    At most of the universities, you’ll find proven scholars—not graduate student assistants—at the head of your sessions. Employees have the biggest academic qualifications, and even the most mature educated.

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    Toyota Etios Cross – Expert Review by AutoPortal India

    Nowadays, crossovers are increasingly becoming popular with car buyers. Toyota Kirloskar Motors is not stayinf away from the competition. Taking cues from the other crossovers, Toyota took the Etios Liva and gave it a makeover and brought in the Etios Cross. The Etios Cross is the beefed up version of their hatchback, Etios Liva.

    Crossovers are all about being bold and aggressive. The Etios Cross gets a bolder face and aggressive grille guard. As all the other crossovers, the Etios Cross gets a black plastic clad that runs from the front bumper all the way to the rear. To add to the rugged look, Toyota has given the Cross skid plates and roof rails. The rear of the Cross gets a spoiler. Etched on the boot lid is the ‘Etios Cross’ badging. Toyota Etios Cross price between Rs. 5.76 and Rs. 7.45 lakhs.

    The other features on the exterior include integrated indicators on the OVRMs and diamond cut alloy wheels. As far as proportions are concerned, it’s marginally bigger than the Liva. The Etios Cross is 3895 mm long, 1735 mm wide, and 1555 mm tall in its dimensions. The wheelbase of the Cross is 2460 mm and the turning radius is 4.8 m, while the ground clearance is 174 mm.


    The dashboard gets a piano black theme which looks good and adds to the aesthetic value of the cabin. The top end trims get a 2-din audio system with USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. The steering is wrapped in leather and the top end Cross gets steering mounted audio controls. The Etios Cross offers a boot capacity of 251 litres which is on the lower side. Practical utilities offered in both the cars include cup/ bottle holders, accessory power outlets, glove box unit, and air conditioning unit. Top variants have 2 air bags, ABS, EBD and Bluetooth connectivity for telephony. The suspension is McPherson type at the front and Torsion beam type at the rear.

    The Etios Cross comes in colours of ultramarine blue, celestial black, classic grey, vermilion red, symphony silver, harmony beige, white and inferno orange.

    The Cross comes in both petrol and diesel options. The Cross gets two petrol and one diesel engines. The 1.2-litre, 79 bhp petrol engine powers the base Etios Cross, while the top end petrol Cross employs the bigger 1.5-litre, 89 bhp engine. The diesel Cross gets the 1.4-litre D-4D engine that has a power output of 67 bhp and torque of 170 Nm. The Etios Cross 1.5 G will be the base petrol variant and the Cross 1.5 V will be the top variant. For diesel 1.4 GD will be base model and the Cross 1.4 VD will be the top variant.

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    How to pick the right Ecco running shoes

    Once you hurt, not a lot else within your body seems correct. This is as your feet serve since the shock absorber, excess fat bearer, as well as lever with regard to leg propulsion as well as balancing. They will also be much more vulnerable in order to damage because of the fact it carries the surplus weight from the physique. Prior to authorities, the majority of foot problems outcome through ill-fitting Ecco running shoes . This is why you ought to wear the right shoes such as Ecco running shoes in Brisbane. This well-known footwear brand is among the very best when it comes to producing top quality and cozy shoes. This article may help you uncover the very best Ecco running shoes for all your activities. To provide you with a lot much more concepts, here are some recommendations you’ll be able to stick to to create confident you will get the proper pairs.

    Locating the optimum athletic shoes

    Some individuals think the $220 athletic shoes can be very expensive. Their intuition is always to choose cheaper brands. They neglect the worthiness of obtaining a good quality set of footwear. When searching for Ecco running shoes , usually consider its sturdiness. Don’t overlook, you are likely to use this for working, not just for style or even gentle actions. Ecco shoes supplies unique style innovations and also the elusive mixture of high comfort and ease and sturdiness.

    The BIOM task

    One associated with several well-known styles with regard to Ecco running shoes in Brisbane may be the BIOM task. This is indeed a running shoe made to preserve the actual all-natural biomechanics of the foot as well as ankle. The goal of its style isn’t truly to copy barefoot athletes. It just represents the paradigm shift within the regular of athletic shoes, having an easy notion amazed by barefoot athletes. This additional improves motion pattern and enables you to much much more comfy should you walk or even operate.

    Ecco is probably the handful of Ecco running shoes businesses that still acknowledge the conventional type. They nevertheless focus on correct padding, motion manage, and stability. They mix this along with modern technology to prevent injuries such as sprains.

    Instead of employing a vintage cookie or even curved final, Ecco improved this by creating a true anatomic final in line with the scanned feet profiles associated with two, 500 athletes. This additionally improved the actual anatomic accuracy using a direct injection procedure for polyurethane (PU) inside the midsole. This really is an sophisticated means of bonding the larger midsole, that also raises its durability.

    Comfort whenever running

    Ecco running shoes also make use of yak leather-based to supply much more ease and comfort for the actual toes. There’s a difference in ventilation among the actual open mesh as well as the material edition.

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    Victoria’s Secret printable coupons feature exciting deals for consumers

    Of the many different lingerie brands that I have tried out over the years, Victoria’s Secret has remained one of my top favorites. Featuring all types of intimate womenswear, including lingerie, sleepwear and underwear, clothing, sportswear and swimwear, footwear and accessories, cosmetics, beauty and body products and also a range of fragrances, products to be offered by this retail brand are sought by women all over the world.

    One of the most prominent lingerie brands which more or less dominates the global market, there are many reasons why this brand has remained so successful and is a top choice for women all over.One of the biggest contributors to this is probably the fact that as a brand,the company has done exceptionally well in marketing. Throughout the years, Victoria’s Secret has done ousted its competition through various marketing and promotional events. The brand hosts annual fashion shows featuring supermodels wearing latest designer lingerie. Having also dealt out music CDs as promotion, this premium brand certainly has made its presence known to global consumers.

    The brand has several retail outlets spread out all over Canada and also operates an online store. I make most of my purchases online, given the convenience, as also the fact that there are many promotional deals online. Across the online retail store, there are many special types of clearance sales, summer sales and special discounts offered on specific purchase categories. These attractive offers keep being featured time and again on the retail web store. Apart from these promotional offers, there are also other types of Victoria Secret promo codecoupons, which can be used across purchases made at retail outlets.

    While I was not aware of this fact earlier, recently I came to know of special Victoria Secret printable coupons, which can be used to obtain deals and discounts when shopping in person from a retail outlet. There are as many different types of printable coupon codes, as there are online discount coupons, allowing consumers the option to purchase from wherever they please. I made good use of a coupon code I found online and got myself a great discount on an Eau De Parfum fragrance.

    Of late, I have become a strict loyalist to this brand. Not only do I get the satisfaction of dealing with and purchasing from a highly reputed premium brand, but I can also obtain rebates and discounts across most of my purchases, thanks to coupon codes being easily available.

    While many other lingerie retailers also offer deals and discounts, I see no reason why I should shift to any other brand. Victoria’s Secret definitely has the best selection of lingerie products globally. If you are also one of this brand’s loyalists, you must look to make use of discount codes and coupons across your purchases. These special deals are applicable across both online as well as in store retail purchases, so you must look to make the most of these.

    Natural and Yaki Hair Types for Wig Making

    I like natural wigs. I do not mind yaki hair for some occasions. Synthetic strands of hair can look really good. Some blends are suitable for different occasions too. However, kinky curly hair pieces are really good looking. Since I am going through all of the trouble to make my hair look really good, I do want to use natural hair as much as possible. All of the hair types, whether natural or synthetic, can be highly processed and heavily treated before they are made into full or half wigs or any of the different hair extension types.

    I think they treat some natural hair that will be made into wigs with some pretty harsh chemicals. If you think about it, you won’t mind. Some of the best hair comes from foreign countries.

    Types of Clothing in Japan

    Types of Clothing in JapanClothing in Japan is a mix of traditional and trendy. Much of modern day clothing in Japan is like clothing in the Western world. However, Japanese clothing also include traditional pieces like the kimono.

    KimonoThe kimono is traditional Japanese clothing for both men and women. Furthermore, there are different types of kimonos worn for different situations. No matter what kind of kimono worn, it will require an obi. The obi is the belt that goes around the front and ties in the back in a sometimes elaborate fashion.

    Street Fashion ClothingJapanese street clothing is an unusual type of fashion worn by young Japanese. It consists of assorted fashion trend styles. Street fashion in general includes mixed dresses, pants, tops, all in colorful designs and each chosen to represent individual street style.

    Street Fashion
    LolitaLolita is one of the most popular types of Japanese street fashion clothing. Lolita clothing breaks down into different Lolita styles. Goth Lolita clothing is characterized by clothes that suggests a Victorian fashion kind of image, somewhat like a porcelain Victorian doll. Another type of Japanese Lolita is “Sweet Lolita.” This type of Japanese clothing is trimmed with lots of lace and comes is pastel colors.

    Lolita Girls
    EverydayEveryday Japanese clothing among adults in modern Japan is much like western clothing. Women prefer dresses, jeans, T-shirts, men’s dress suits for business and other ordinary clothing. As Japan strives to stay modern, the traditional kimonos are worn less aside from special occasions.

    Everyday Clothing
    WeddingThe traditional Japanese wedding always includes a special kimono called an uchikake for the bride. The uchikake, unlike Western bridal gowns is very long all the way around the garment, instead of trailing only in the back. Assistance is needed to hold it up during the ceremony and the uchikake is usually rented for the ceremony.

    Modern Japanese Clothing Styles

    Fashions uniteTokyo, as the largest city in the world, serves as home to countless fashion trends, from casual to trendy. Many such trends are timeless, and are seen for years after their inception, both in Japan and beyond.




    Gyaru Style

    • Gyaru style
      Gyaru style

      Gyaru (“gal” in Japanese) are casual trends typically for women in their early 20s. These styles consist of brightly colored clothing, which often contrast with dark skin from fake tanning products, and bleached hair. Occasionally, gothic-style dresses are part of Gyaru trends, as is heavy makeup and hair extensions.Onee Kei

        • Onee Kei is a female version of a male style, Onii Kei. These customs incorporate both American and Italian casual styles. Onee Kei–a highly accessorized style that began in the 1990s and originates in the Gyaru style–incorporates more adult-looking dresses. This style also often projects an overall military-style appearance.

      Lolita Style

      • Lolita style
        Lolita style

        Lolita style incorporates 19th century Victorian and Edwardian dress, which is closely related to the look of porcelain dolls, including bonnets, ribbons and lace.

      Decora Style

      • Decora style
        Decora style

        Decora, short for “decoration,” is a fashion for street wear that calls for a maximum amount of brightly colored clothing. This is also a highly accessorized style, including feather boas, plastic jewelry and multiple layers of socks.


      • Streetwear style
        Streetwear style

        Japanese Streetwear is a general term, but such clothing articles are often taken from Japanese hip-hop culture designs. This style includes military-fashion jackets, high-end branded sneakers and printed t-shirts.Neighborhood Style

        • In Tokyo, bustling Japanese neighborhoods have each offered distinct creative flavors for fashion, which often serve as a gauge for trends to be adopted in other parts of the world. It might be said that global fashion, in many cases, takes its inspiration from modern Japanese clothing styles.

        How to Apply False Eyelashes to Asian Eyes

        While many people find Asian monolid eyes to be quite beautiful, some women complain that they want fuller eyelashes to help their eyes look bigger. Unfortunately, false eyelashes are created for Western eyes, with a strong curve. Never fear, a few tips can help you apply false eyelashes to Asian eyes in no time.



        Do your makeup as you normally do before you prepare to put on your lashes; however, do not apply mascara.


        Choose a pair of false lashes which are a medium length and invest in a lash clip which is specially designed to hold your false eyelashes as you trim excess, apply glue and set them on your eye lids. The clip to prevent getting glue all over the place and will also help you to line the lashes up perfectly on your Asian eyes.


        Place one of your false lashes in the clip and hold it up to your eye, making sure that it will fit properly. If it is too long, trim a small bit at a time until it fits perfectly.


        Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the strip on your false lashes and wait for a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky. While looking in a mirror, hold the eyelashes with the clip and press gently into the very center of your eyelid as near to the lash line as possible and then release the clip.


        Pinch the center of the eyelashes to hold then in place and then use your other hand to guide and secure the edges of the lashes near the lash line. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry and then use black eyeliner to fill in any gaps between the false lash strip and your natural lashes.


        Put a very small amount of mascara on your natural lashes and then use an eyelash curler to help blend your natural and false eyelashes together. Repeat on the other eye and enjoy your large Asian eyes.

        How to Cut Asian Hair

        Cutting Asian hair is a challenge as compared with Caucasian hair because it’s especially straight and thick. Because of this, it usually won’t lay flat against the head. A normal cut with scissors doesn’t always work on Asians for this reason. It’s a good idea to get proper training in this specialty, but here are a few tricks to get you started.



        Razor cut some layers into the hair. This gives a softer look while adding body and texture. You can add chunky layers for a more dramatic style.


        Add subtle layers using thinning scissors to help it lay flatter and thin out the volume Asian hair naturally has. Use the scissors to cut layers into the hair and it will give it a less drastic layered look. You can also use the thinning scissors to make the hair look as if it’s not even layered: just do this on the underside of the hair, then use straight scissors on the top visible layer.


        Employ a point cut technique. Since Asian hair is so straight, it can look uneven easily, which point cutting can eliminate. It can also get rid of the “bowl cut” look when you cut their bangs.


        Do a side-swept bang. This may take awhile for the client to get used to styling, but cutting a long side-swept bang will create some versatility. You can point cut this as well.


        Taper the hair to frame the face. This also helps reduce the volume and make the hair more manageable for the client.

        Clothes of Asian Countries

        The kimono was the fundamental garment of Japan.Nowadays, most people in Asia wear what is recognized as Western clothes, but traditional Asian costumes are worn for festivals, weddings, and religious rites. In some countries, similar costumes are worn by both sexes, and those costumes haven’t changed very much in centuries.





        • The kimono is based on a Chinese prototype that had been worn since the 3rd century BC. The garment was square-cut and so were the wide sleeves. By the 8th century, the formal court costume was established based on the costume of the Chinese T’ang Dynasty, but the Japanese adapted the garment to their own purposes. The kimono can be extremely elaborate and expensive, with many layers. It’s worn mostly for ceremonial events like coronations or weddings.


        • China is a huge and very old country, but its basic garment hasn’t changed dramatically over the centuries. Clothing is fairly similar for both sexes and all classes. An emperor’s costume might differ from a peasant’s costume only in its embellishment and the quality of the fabric and the cut. Most Chinese garments are closed because of the sometimes harsh climate and in the winter the clothes can be padded. The chief garment is the tunic, or san, worn over trousers, or koo. This didn’t change much even in the modern era.


        India and Vietnam

        • The Indian sari can be simple or elaborate.
          The Indian sari can be simple or elaborate.

          India’s modern sari is a piece of material 6 yards long and 45 inches wide, placed over an ankle-length petticoat and draped. It can be patterned or plain and, for more formal occasions, gorgeously embroidered with gold and silver thread. It’s worn with a fitted bodice called a choli, which can also be very elaborately embroidered. Vietnamese traditionally wear the Ao ba ba, or silk pajamas. The women’s ao dai is a long slender dress with long sleeves and a standup collar. It is so popular that it’s worn as a uniform by school girls, flight attendants, hotel staff and the like.


        • The sampot, also known as the sarong, is the national dress of Cambodia and is similar to dresses worn in Laos and Thailand. The krama, a checkered scarf, has been worn since the first century. It’s a specifically Cambodian garment and isn’t worn by their Vietnamese, Laotian or Thai neighbors. During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodians were forbidden to wear bright colors, and the “black pajama” was worn.

        South and Central Asia

        • The Shalwar kameeze is worn by both men and women in South and Central Asia. It’s very much associated with Pakistan, where it’s the national dress. The Shalwar is a pajama-like pant, and the kameez is a long shirt that falls to the middle of the thigh, and slit below the waist line. Women also wear the shalwar kameez with a dupatta, or scarf, which is wrapped around the shoulders and draped over the chest.

        How to Convert Asian Sizes on Dresses to American Sizes

        How to Convert Asian Sizes on Dresses to American SizesThere’s no international standard for clothing sizes. The system of dress sizing used in the United States of even numbers or of XS-XL is completely different from the Asian systems of sizing. If you go shopping in Tokyo or buy clothing online from an Asian source, this can lead to a huge headache or leave you stuck with a dress far too big or small. It’s important to know the size conversions so you find a perfect fit.




        In Japan, watch out for lettered sizes (XS-XL), as these tend to run small. If a dress made in Japan is labeled as a medium, for example, it’s probably a small in the United States. Japanese manufacturers also use two separate numbered systems. The first is an arbitrary number system like our 2-4-6-8 system in the United States, and the second relies on the actual measurements of those sizes. 5-7-9-11-13-15 correspond to an American XXS-XS-S-M-L-XL, respectively. 36-38-40-42 correspond to an American XS-S-M-L, respectively.


        In Korea, you’ll find a simple numbered system. 44-55-66-77-88 correspond to an American XS-S-M-L-XL, respectively.


        In China, watch out for two separate and more tricky systems. These two systems differ because they rely on the measurements of different parts of the clothing. An American small is 160-165 or 84-86. A medium is 165-170 or 88-90. A large is 167-172 or 92-96. Extra large is uncommon and therefore lacking in real standard measurements, but is generally 168-173 or 98-102, depending on the manufacturer.